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Enhancing Quilt Comfort's Website Speed to improve its sales, user engagement, and SERP ranking

Case Study for Quilt Comfort


Quilt Comfort is a brand dedicated to creating wonderful sleeping and relaxation experiences for expecting mothers and newborns. This brand is rooted in the principle of "Quality First," and they approach their work with a thorough understanding of the sensitivities and potential risks that come with pregnancy and the early stages of a baby's life.

They provide various products, especially the pregnancy U shape pillow that is primarily designed to provide comfort and support the healthy development of mother and baby. Apart from pillows, they also offer belly wraps with 6 months of warranty.

  • Core Web Vitals

  • Lazy Loading

  • Page Speed

  • Mobile Optimization


Best Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Banner Image
C Shape Pregnancy Pillow
U Shape Pillow

After applying all the necessary techniques or tips to improve the website, we finally conducted an analysis to see how much progress we had made. Once we did our work, we submitted it to the client, and they were pleased and happy with the expertise of our team and expressed gratitude towards us.

Results Since We Started:

The Result

Thus, after checking the website carefully, we realized that it needs some enhancement. The client accepted our suggestions, and we got started with fixing things up. We employed various techniques to make their website load faster. We analyzed that the website need more improvement, and we fixed the the other issues as well to speed it up.

We reduced the website's HTTP requests and tried other methods to make it work better. After doing this, the website is now loading well and improved in various aspects. It starts loading instantly on all devices. We focus on mobile and computer devices as per client demand.

Solution Offered:
Augmented Website Speed By Fixing the Major Issues and Implementing Multiple Strategy


Quilt Comfort's website has been performing well across various metrics, but it has been struggling with slow loading speeds on both mobile and desktop platforms. The client approached us with concerns regarding their website's sluggish performance.

Given that slow loading speeds can significantly impact different aspects of an ecommerce store, including conversion rates, user experience, increased bounce rates, and more, it is imperative to optimize the website's speed to enhance overall performance.

Therefore, improving speed has become a critical concern for all ecommerce websites. After a thorough examination of Quilt Comfort's website, it became evident that several modifications are needed to bolster its loading speed.

Problem Statment:
Addressing Slow Loading Speed Problems on Quilt Comfort: Solutions for Desktop and Mobile

Problem Statement

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After Desktop Image


Before Desktop Image


Before Mobile Speed


After Mobile Speed

Here is the difference in the website performance


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