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Mastering Shopify SEO: Strategies, and Mistakes to Avoid

Mastering Shopify SEO - Strategies, and Mistakes to Avoid

Ecommerce search engine optimization is the technique of increasing the presence and ranking of an Olin store on search engine result pages. It consists of multiple strategies that are made to boost the SEO of e-commerce websites.

SEO involves everything from creating the content to its marketing, link building, and everything. Online SEO is the tip to generate more traffic, attract a wider audience, and boost sales.

When you think about search engine optimization, there are certain things you have to remember that: it is essential for high revenue, sales, and ranking. Apart from that, a highly valued SEO provides your e-commerce business a competitive edge, boosts brand reputation, and reduces marketing spending.

Therefore, SEO is important for all types of businesses. Shopify is an online platform that is built to boost website SEO and its ranking. Creating a store on Shopify is an easy task, and you will get a lot of features and extra benefits on your store.

Therefore, if you are dealing in B2B business and want to boost your business SEO, you can take advantage of B2B SEO services. Agencies like MakkPress Technologies are profound in providing SEO services to B2B businesses.

Also, if you are looking for ways to improve your Shopify store SEO, we have got you covered. Here, in this blog, we will explore the ways to enhance Shopify website ranking with top SEO techniques and what things you have to avoid to enhance SEO.

Things To Avoid For Good SEO

These are the things you must avoid or eliminate to improve your store's search engine ranking.

Copied Content:

In SEO, adding copied content to your website is a big dropback. Search engines rank a website that has genuine, unique, and interactive content. Many times, Shopify creates duplicate content in multiple ways, such as:

  • Create copied product pages

  • Copied collection pages via pagination

Duplicate content of a website creates issues at the time of indexing and crawling. Additionally, it creates issues in the internal linking structure. That's why you do not prefer adding duplicate content to your website.

Slow Website Loading Speed:

The speed of a website determines whether people will stay on it or not. A slow site speed hampers website ranking, credibility, and trust. To improve page load time, there are multiple things you can do, such as fixing Core Web Vitals. By improving the core web vitals, you can boost your website speed.

Bad Feedback On Google:

All the e-commerce stores have both feedback, positive and negative. Review your website product to determine its sales. The product reviews increase the brand's social proof and contribute to localized search ranking. By selling excellent products with top customer service, you can build a good reputation via reviews on search engines.

Unoptimized Visuals:

Websites with unoptimized images load slowly. When your website visuals are not well compressed and optimized, they will reduce the loading speed of your Shopify store. Additionally, broken and missing alternative texts impact loading speed. You have to solve all the alt tags-related issues, check incorrect file paths, and more to find the problem and instantly fix it.

Outdated Content:

Technology and news change in minutes; thus, if your website has old content, it will impact your store's SEO. You must regularly optimize and modify your website's content to match the flow. If search engines like Google find your content irrelevant and outdated, it will impact your site's ranking and will get filtered out.

Thus, these are the things you have to take care of while optimizing your store for the search engine. Now, we will move further toward the strategies of SEO for the Shopify store.

Shopify Store SEO Strategies

Here are the strategies for search engine optimization to improve your Shopify website ranking.

On page SEO:

On-page SEO or on-site SEO is the strategy of optimizing multiple website fonts and back-end components to improve its ranking. Additionally, it brings organic traffic to your store. On-page website components involve site structure, content, HTML, and more. For on-page SEO, conduct keyword research.

The first and foremost thing in on-page SEO is to find keywords. To create high-quality content, finding relevant keywords to your website topics is important. After keyword research, the visual content of your website is part of on-page SEO, such as images, graphics, and various charts. Additionally, optimizing the source is important for good SEO.

Then, work on the title of your website page. It is also known as a title tag. It tells both visitors and search engines that they can easily understand the main motive of your content and its type. The header of the website is also known as the body tag. Divide your website content into different parts such as H1, H2, H3, H4, and more.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO includes building backlinks on your website. Additionally, it includes brand monitoring, social posters, link building, backlink audits, and more. Encouraging other internet sites to connect to pages on your site is called link building.

These are known as backlinks in SEO. Google may view a website as more authoritative if it receives more backlinks from high-authority domains. This may help the page rank higher.

Content marketing is another important element of off-page SEO. It involves creating high-quality content with well-researched keywords that easily gain user attention. Some of the channels for content marketing include social media, PR, influencer marketing, guest posting, forums, content syndication, podcasts, and more.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is part of off-page optimization. It includes the process of optimizing your online presence to increase local visitor's attention and visibility to your website. For this, create your Google Business Profile, which will increase your site's ranking in a high position on Google search results.

Additionally, prompting your brand via events is a great strategy. It involves engaging the audience in events related to your business. It can drive social engagement and links to your Shopify store. You will get brand recognition through the event.

Technical SEO:

Technical search engine optimization is crucial to ecommerce success. Shopify provides features to handle technical SEO for your store. For technical optimization, there are multiple things that you have to take care of.

First, set your preferred domain. After setting up the domain for your Shopify store, you can start with indexing and ranking. Make sure you don't use duplicate domains for your website. Shopify is best at handling duplication-related issues as it redirects others to the one it thinks is your real domain.

Also, use a logical store structure. Your website structure is an important component to consider for eCommerce business because it helps visitors and crawlers crawl and index the website. Also, you must ensure that you create separate product pages for product variants. With Shopify, you can easily create product variants for a product with different colors and sizes.

Thus, these are the top search engine optimization techniques for Shopify stores.


This blog has explained multiple ways to improve Shopify store ranking. Firstly, we started the blog by explaining the basics of SEO, the popularity of the Shopify platform, and how easy it is to build a store on it. After that, we move toward the common SEO mistakes that everyone must avoid.

At last, we discuss different search engine optimization techniques that will boost Shopify store ranking and position. We covered everything from on-page SEO to Link building and more.

Also, to avoid issues, you can hire a Shopify SEO expert in India, like MakkPress Technologies, who are professionals and experts in Shopify search engine optimization. MakkPress Tehcngogies is an e-commerce marketing agency located in India and provides all e-commerce-related services.

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