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Shopify Vs. Other E-Commerce Platforms: Why Is It Better?

 Shopify Vs. Other E-Commerce Platforms: Why Is It Better?

Shopify is like your online shop's best friend. It's a user-friendly cloud platform that makes starting, running, and growing your store an easy task. With 2 million live stores across 175 countries, it's a go-to choice for many. 

Its charm lies in its simplicity, reliability, and cool features, all in one place. Setting up an online store becomes a piece of cake, even if you do not have a person with a technical background. 

Brands like Nike and Campus owe their online success to Shopify. It's more than just a platform; it's a game-changer, making eCommerce easy and exciting for everyone. To create a store on Shopify, utilize Shopify development services to build an effective e-commerce store. In this blog, we will get to know the top features and advantages Shopify provides to its customers.

Benefits Shopify Provides to Its Consumers? 

These are the benefits of choosing Shopify as your digital store.

User-Friendly Interface: 

One of the easiest e-commerce builders to use for novices and small company owners to set up and manage their first online store is Shopify. Because Shopify is so user-friendly, even anyone without any coding or e-commerce expertise may easily launch an online store in a short amount of time.

Customization Options: 

You may use the theme editor in your Shopify admin to modify the theme to fit your distinct brand after selecting a theme that establishes the fundamental appearance and feel of your online store. You may preview your theme, adjust theme settings, and add, delete, edit, and rearrange material using the theme editor.

Secure and Reliable: 

Shopify ensures secure transactions and reliable hosting, giving both you and your customers peace of mind. Shopify possesses Level 1 PCI DSS certification. Since all Shopify online stores are immediately PCI compliant, you can be confident that your consumers will feel secure and that your company is authentic when they shop on your website.

Mobile Responsiveness: 

A wide range of responsive themes, suitable for various screen resolutions and layouts, are available on Shopify. Regardless of the device your consumers use to see your website, a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop, it runs flawlessly and looks great.

App Store Integration: 

By connecting your app with online retailers, you may make your app's functionality available to millions of merchant consumers. Shopify offers developers an adaptable framework for creating apps, enabling them to host assets on the Shopify CDN, use Liquid templates, and launch their work via a versioning release process.

Payment Options: 

Shopify supports numerous payment gateways, accommodating diverse customer preferences and facilitating smooth transactions. These are the payment options Shopify provides to its customers:

  • Getting paid.

  • Shop Cash.

  • Shop Pay.

  • Shopify Payments.

  • PayPal Express.

  • Accelerated checkouts and dynamic checkout buttons.

  • Shop Pay Installments.

  • Third-party payment providers.


Boosting your store's growth is similar to scaling it. It entails growing your company in order to attract more clients, make more sales, and boost profits. You have arrived at the ideal spot if you're seeking tips on growing a Shopify store with the help of Shopify development services.


Shopify is an SEO-friendly e-commerce platform that helps brands in boosting their website search engine ranking. Among the most popular Shopify SEO suggestions are: Eliminate redundant URLs from the internal link structure to optimize your site for high ranking.

24/7 Customer Support: 

By choosing the Chat with an Agent option from the assistance centre, you may initiate a chat. A person will be on hand to help you immediately and is accessible around-the-clock. If you don't want to wait for a callback and need urgent help with a specific issue, this option is ideal.

Integrated Analytics: 

Shopify's analytics tools provide valuable insights into your store's performance, helping you make informed business decisions. You may examine your store's recent activity, learn more about your visitors, assess the speed of your online store, and examine transactional data with Shopify's analytics and reports. The Reports and Analytics sections are open to all users.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: 

The platform includes automated tools to recover potentially lost sales by reminding customers about abandoned carts. The Online Store, Buy Button, and Plus Wholesale sales channels are the only ones that offer abandoned checkout recovery. An email for checkout recovery won't be sent to failed checkouts on the Shopify point of sale or outside sales channels.

Dropshipping Capabilities: 

Starting a dropshipping company and making sales without having to deal with inventory, packing, or shipping is simple with Shopify. Orders are dispatched straight from your wholesaler to your clients, allowing you to focus on what really counts: your goods, promotions, and clientele.

Multi-Channel Selling: 

Sell across various channels, including social media and online marketplaces, directly from your Shopify dashboard. You can easily manage your DTC website, retailing, sales, and social media platforms all in one location thanks to Shopify's powerful omnichannel capabilities.

Product Management: 

Effortlessly manage your product listings, variations, and inventory levels, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Shopify also has product managers that satiate consumer needs, address complaints, and uphold the calibre of goods and services to guarantee the seamless operation of e-commerce websites.

Global Reach: 

Shopify gives company owners the tools they need to launch, grow, and connect their enterprises. Shopify gives business owners worldwide the platform, building blocks, and resources they need to sell both locally and internationally. The company has operations in more than 175 countries.

Built-In Blogging: 

A built-in blogging engine is included with your Shopify online store. Building your audience, increasing traffic and revenue, and enhancing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are all made possible by blogging.

Social Media Integration: 

From your Shopify admin, you may post your product page straight to social media. Additionally, you may copy the URL of your product page and post it elsewhere or on other social media networks. Direct product page sharing is available on multiple social media networks.

Automatic Updates: 

A notice appears in your Shopify Admin and alters the theme version number when Shopify applies an automatic update to your theme. Shopify will keep updating your theme automatically to address bugs and security vulnerabilities. The appearance and experience of your theme, your content, or your settings are unaffected by these modifications.

Quick Load Times: 

Shopify's optimized infrastructure results in fast loading times, enhancing the overall user experience for your customers. The fewer apps you download on your ecommerce site, the faster your website will load. Shopify provides plugins to fix issues that cause you to have a slow loading speed. 

Transparent Pricing: 

Shopify does not impose any additional costs. After paying for your particular plan, each time a transaction is conducted on your store, you will be charged an extra price. You may purchase whatever extra applications or domain names you choose, but nothing on your bill should come as a surprise.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the benefits of choosing Shopify as your ecommerce store. Additionally, if you want to migrate from your current store to Shopify due to its advanced capabilities, hire a Shopify migration services provider like us. MakkPress Technologies specializes in building stores on the Shopify platform and is an expert in Shopify store migration. 

MakkPress Technologies has a team of social media, designing, SEO, store management, and development teams that specialize in their respective fields and have over 10 years of experience.

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