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Redesigning the website, optimizing website speed, and doing SEO to get a better organic ranking on SERP.

Case Study of Gillori


Gillori was created by Vandana Kapoor, a professional fashion designer from Jaipur. Vandana, who has over 12 years of experience in the boutique and design house industry, is the mastermind behind the crafting, styling, and designing of Gillori. Her expertise in trends and seamless production sets her apart. Pankaj, on the other hand, is a seasoned sales and marketing professional.

With over 15 years of experience, he has worked with top financial institutions and banks, where he successfully managed large teams and geographies, enabling them to achieve optimal results. They both started the brand with the thought of giving work to needy people during the tough times of COVID-19 in our country. They were successful in their thought and established a great brand.

  • SEO

  • Website Redesign

  • Website Speed Optimization


Girl in Pink Dress

Girl In White Dress
Two Girls In One Frame
Girl In Blue Suit

With our complete focus on the details shared by the client and how we tried to gain an understanding of what the client required, we were able to resolve the problems of the client successfully. Our efforts and expertise with redesigning the website as per market standards and how we optimized the search engine ranking of the website to drive organic sales helped them achieve success in the online market.

  • Redesigned the website

  • Optimized the website for SEO

  • Regular posting of Guest posts

  • Drive organic sales on the website

The Results - Since We Started

Result Image

The client’s requirements were easy to understand and work upon. We conducted thorough research on what the client required from us and addressed the issues with the specified teams. It was important to enhance the online presence of the website to gain success in online business and to do so, the website should be user-friendly and easily accessible.

By comprehending the brand's needs for a strong online presence, we methodically implemented the necessary steps. Our approach involved redesigning each webpage to ensure optimal user experience and easy navigation. The website was developed on Shopify itself but needed some redesigning according to the standards of the market and to gain popularity amongst the right audience worldwide.

After that, we conducted SEO (search engine optimization) for the website. This involved keyword research and other comprehensive SEO techniques to improve the website's ranking on search engines. By achieving favorable search engine rankings, the website attracted a larger online audience. We started the SEO for 20 keywords.

After getting the desired results for the website, we started SEO for 40 keywords including premium guest posts till date. Overall, our successful execution of the website redesign, social media strategy, and SEO services helped Gillori gain valuable online exposure.

Solution Offered -
Mastering the Online Presence Of The Brand With Our Top Notch Footprint Of Redesigning And Optimizing SEO

Solution Image

Being online with your business might be essential but having a strong online presence is what keeps your business in line and allows your brand to gain popularity amongst the world. There are certain factors one should consider to attract the right audience worldwide. One of the key factors in establishing a successful online presence is your website. It is important for your website to offer a user-friendly experience in terms of speed and visual appeal.

Unfortunately, Gillori’s website was developed on Shopify but was not according to the market standards and needed redesigning to allow the users to have a great experience browsing through your website.  Additionally, the website's SEO was not properly optimized, negatively impacting its search engine ranking and affecting sales through organic search.

Problem Statement -
Redesigned The Website As Per The Market Standards For A Smooth User Experience

Problem Statement Image

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Aagam Jain

We have had the pleasure of working with MakkPress Technologies for our website. They are able to provide us with timely solutions to all our problems and their team is very friendly and cooperative. We will highly recommend MakkPress Technologies for your digital marketing needs.

Five Star Rating


We onboarded MakkPress for our Shopify website speed optimization & website development services. The representative from MakkPress always responded to our requests on time. will recommend Makkpress for anything related to shopify stores!

Five Star Rating

Hardik Akbari

Makkpress helped me in Ecommerce speed optimization for my website. The job was done to a great standard, very happy with the work done by the MakkPress team. Makkpress team went above and beyond to help me with my website

Five Star Rating


We onboarded them for shopify SEO services and Shopify Design Development service. Overall a very good experience. They have a very professional team. Everything is on track be it process, client communication, delivery or reporting

Five Star Rating


We had a great experience with MakkPress. They have been very efficient in understanding our requirements and delivering the same very well. Thank you so much MakkPress Team

Five Star Rating


As an entrepreneur, I see improvement in my newly launched website. SEO & Social media work was excellent, and the team was also very supportive & professional. I would recommend MakkPress for digital marketing services!

Five Star Rating

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