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Creating a new website and promoting the brand across various online platforms.

Case Study of Lǜsè Essentials


A natural skincare and cosmetics company is called Luse Essentials. Their lavish skincare items are made with premium, organic, and authentic ingredients that are imported from all over the world. They are known for making natural and organic beauty products. Their skincare items are made of high-quality ingredients, pure method, and natural.

  • Social Media

  • Website Redesign


Luse Soap

Luse Facewash
Luse Chie

Thus, after understanding the client's requirements and working on their project, we finally completed the whole task by redesigning the store and improving its social media reach. Therefore, the client was satisfied with our teamwork and the way we designed the store. Here is a short glimpse of our work outcome.

  • Modifying all of the web pages

  • Updates every day on social media

Results Since We Started:


First, the customer contacted us and explained the issue. Our team conducted the research to identify the significant issues of website design. After understanding their basic needs, requirements, and things they must change, we started working practically on the project.

So, our designer redesigned the website, changed each page, and maintained the proficiency of every page. We made sure there was enough user retention on the website and engaging user navigation.

We began working on the store's social media brand marketing as soon as we finished developing the website. Every day, our social media team shared updates on their items as well as any new information about the website or brand, if applicable, through stories.

Demographics that would facilitate the brand's interaction with prospective customers was another area of concentration. As a result, more people were using the website and its social media accounts.

Solution Offered:
Boosted website reach by redesigning the store and improving its social media performance.


Your company's online identity is crucial if you want to become well-known and reach the proper global clientele. However, a few elements form the ideal online presence, and your website is among the most crucial.

Your website should offer an intuitive user experience in terms of both speed and the appearance of its information. The design of Luse Essentials’s website was poor, and there were other problems as well. In addition, insufficient brand promotion on social media sites resulted in a decrease in website traffic. So, the client was upset with the website's poor design and social media presence.

Problem Statement:
Reduced sales are the result of a poorly designed website and inadequate social media posting.

Problem Statement

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Here is the difference in the website performance


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Aagam Jain

We have had the pleasure of working with MakkPress Technologies for our website. They are able to provide us with timely solutions to all our problems and their team is very friendly and cooperative. We will highly recommend MakkPress Technologies for your digital marketing needs.

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We onboarded MakkPress for our Shopify website speed optimization & website development services. The representative from MakkPress always responded to our requests on time. will recommend Makkpress for anything related to shopify stores!

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Hardik Akbari

Makkpress helped me in Ecommerce speed optimization for my website. The job was done to a great standard, very happy with the work done by the MakkPress team. Makkpress team went above and beyond to help me with my website

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We onboarded them for shopify SEO services and Shopify Design Development service. Overall a very good experience. They have a very professional team. Everything is on track be it process, client communication, delivery or reporting

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We had a great experience with MakkPress. They have been very efficient in understanding our requirements and delivering the same very well. Thank you so much MakkPress Team

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As an entrepreneur, I see improvement in my newly launched website. SEO & Social media work was excellent, and the team was also very supportive & professional. I would recommend MakkPress for digital marketing services!

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