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Optimizing Website Performance With User-Friendly Design And Development

Case Study of Wellversed


We're dedicated individuals committed to meeting your fitness and well-being needs. Our focus is on delivering genuine protein supplements and vitamins at fair prices. We prioritize essential consumables over wants, ensuring authenticity.

In a market flooded with fake supplements, we guarantee 100% genuine, steroid-free whey. Look for our logo, a promise that we source and test products directly for your safety. With numerous brands from authorized vendors, we have simplified your supplement search so you can trust you are getting what's right for you.

  • Website Designing

  • Website Development




After completing every work and arranging everything properly, we optimized the website to get the best results. After sending the client our work, we waited for their approval. The client was happy with the result and appreciative of the job our team completed on their behalf. Here, it is evident how the website performed both before and after optimization.

  • The website appears more intuitive to use.

  • Higher visit and click-through rates.

  • Enhanced consumer engagement.

  • The website is developed with the latest trends.

Results Since We Started:

The Result

After accepting the challenge of improving the website, our team of experts set to work assessing the functioning of the website as well as any gaps in addition to the issues that have previously been brought to light.

This led to a number of problems, such as poor development and navigation, among others. We first analyzed the website, considering industry trends to make it user-friendly for customers. Subsequently, we designed the website from scratch to make it more pleasing and give it a unique look.

We thus employed a number of techniques to optimize the shop across all platforms. Thus, we assessed its performance across a range of devices following tweaking. After that, we handled further problems.

We extended customers' stays in the store by creating a more interesting and user-friendly website. As a result, we concentrated on these areas to improve their website's usability and functionality.

Solution Offered:
Designed the website from the ground up to provide it with a distinctive appearance and worked on its development.


The top-performing online store in terms of marketing is Wellversed. However, as everyone is aware, a website's reputation is also impacted by a number of other factors. Therefore, user-centric and compelling design was absent in Wellversed's operations. In order to revamp the website and make it more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, the client got in touch with us.

They want the business to have a pleasant design that attracts users. That is a representation of the supplements. They also wanted to display their many product categories and make them more striking and realistic. We, therefore, recognized the client's demand and got to work meeting it.

Problem Statement:
Having Trouble with Ineffective Website Development and Design

Problem Statement

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Here is the difference in the website performance


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Aagam Jain

We have had the pleasure of working with MakkPress Technologies for our website. They are able to provide us with timely solutions to all our problems and their team is very friendly and cooperative. We will highly recommend MakkPress Technologies for your digital marketing needs.

Five Star Rating


We onboarded MakkPress for our Shopify website speed optimization & website development services. The representative from MakkPress always responded to our requests on time. will recommend Makkpress for anything related to shopify stores!

Five Star Rating

Hardik Akbari

Makkpress helped me in Ecommerce speed optimization for my website. The job was done to a great standard, very happy with the work done by the MakkPress team. Makkpress team went above and beyond to help me with my website

Five Star Rating


We onboarded them for shopify SEO services and Shopify Design Development service. Overall a very good experience. They have a very professional team. Everything is on track be it process, client communication, delivery or reporting

Five Star Rating


We had a great experience with MakkPress. They have been very efficient in understanding our requirements and delivering the same very well. Thank you so much MakkPress Team

Five Star Rating


As an entrepreneur, I see improvement in my newly launched website. SEO & Social media work was excellent, and the team was also very supportive & professional. I would recommend MakkPress for digital marketing services!

Five Star Rating

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