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15 Effective Ways To Improve Website Ranking On SERP

Improve Website Ranking On SERP

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is about making online content more visible on search engines. This is done by using the right words that people often search for, improving how the website is set up, and getting good links from other websites. The goal is to attract more visitors to a site without paying for ads. SEO helps websites show up higher in search results, making them more trustworthy and easier for people to find what they're looking for.

If your store is running on Shopify, a Shopify SEO agency can help you in improving your site's search engine ranking. Thus, this blog explains the 15 trending SEO techniques that will definitely fulfill your brand's SEO needs. 

Top SEO Techniques For Digital Brands


Backlinks are like online votes of confidence for your website. They happen when another website links to yours. Search engines view these links as approvals of your website's content and authority. It's important to have good-quality backlinks from trustworthy and relevant sources. These links enhance your website's trust and help it appear higher in search engine results.

To build a strong backlink profile, you should strategically reach out to others, promote your content effectively, and collaborate with websites in your field. The goal is to create a network of links that not only make your site more authoritative but also establish it as a valuable resource in your specific area.

Internal Links:

Internal links are important for a well-organized website and a successful SEO strategy. These links connect different pages on your site, making it easier for people and search engines to navigate. Using internal links thoughtfully helps create a logical order of information, shares authority among pages, and guides visitors to relevant content. This makes it easy for visitors to explore and understand your website. Search engines also use these links to explore and list your site, making your content more visible in search results.

Refresh Outdated Content:

It's really important to regularly update your online content to stay ahead of the competition. Updating means going back to your old articles, blog posts, or web pages and making sure the information is accurate and up-to-date. Search engines like Google prefer websites with fresh and current content because it shows that the site is still relevant. This not only helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but also keeps your audience interested by providing content that remains relevant and meaningful over time.

PageSpeed Insights:

How quickly your web pages load is super important for users, as well as how well your site shows up on Google. PageSpeed Insights by Google is a tool that checks how fast your webpage loads and suggests ways to make it faster. If your website is slow, it can make people leave and also make your site show up lower on Google search results.

By fixing the things that PageSpeed Insights points out, like making pictures load faster and reducing unnecessary code, website owners can make their site work much better, so users have a smoother and faster experience.

Link Building:

Establishing connections on the internet is similar to link building. It's a smart way to get links from respected websites to yours. This is important for SEO, which helps your website show up in search results. When good websites link to yours, it tells search engines that your site is trustworthy. Doing link building the right way means creating useful content, making friends with important people online, and talking to other websites. The aim is to have many different and natural links to your site, which shows that others believe in and support your website. This helps your site rank higher in search engines and be seen by more people.


Title tags and meta descriptions are really important for on-page SEO. They give quick summaries of what a webpage is about to both search engines and people. To make them work well, you need to use the right keywords, make sure they match your content and write interesting descriptions that make people want to click. When you do this right, your webpage will show up better in search results, more people will click on it, and search engines will see that your content is relevant and high-quality.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a helpful tool that gives you a lot of information about your website. It tells you things like how many people visit your site, what pages they look at, and how long they stay. Also, you are able to see their behaviors. Looking at this data helps website owners make smart choices, find out what content is popular, and understand what users like. Using Google Analytics helps businesses improve their online plans, make their content better, and boost their website's performance and search engine ranking.

Compress Your Images:

A website needs to look good, but if the pictures are too big, it can make the website slow. Image compression makes the picture files smaller without making them look bad. When you compress pictures, your website loads faster, making it better for people who visit. This not only makes users happy and helps with search engine ranking but also follows the rules that search engines like Google prefer fast websites. 

Create New Content:

Regularly creating new and valuable content is really important for SEO success. Search engines like websites that consistently produce top-notch, relevant, and current content. Adding fresh articles, blog posts, or multimedia content helps show your expertise, keeps your audience interested, and catches the attention of search engines. This dedication to making content contributes to better search engine rankings, more organic traffic, and lasting relevance in your industry or brand niche. 

Steal Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets are brief, direct answers that show up right at the top of search results. Getting your content in a featured snippet spot can boost your website's visibility and the number of clicks it gets. To make this happen, structure your content to address common questions users have directly. Also, format your content in a way that's best suited for featured snippets. By aiming for featured snippets, website owners can make their content look authoritative and grab a prime spot in search results.

Content SEO:

Content SEO means making online content better for search engines. This includes finding the right keywords, using them well in the content, organizing the content nicely, and making sure it's useful and related to what people are looking for. A good content SEO plan follows the rules set by search engines, making a website show up more in search results and making it more relevant to what people are searching for. This way, the content not only gets noticed by search engines but also connects with and interests the people it's meant for.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is when you write and share content on other websites in your field. It helps with SEO by getting good links to your site, showing expertise, and reaching more people. To do it well, work with trustworthy websites, make useful content, and follow ethical rules. By putting your content on other sites smartly, you can boost your online visibility, attract more people, and do better in search engines.

Competitor Research:

Studying your competitors is crucial for creating a winning SEO plan. When you analyze what your rivals are doing online, you learn about their strengths, weaknesses, and overall digital strategies. This insight helps website owners find opportunities, improve their own methods, and stay ahead in the ever-changing online world. To do this research, you look at things like competitor keywords, the websites linking to them, their content strategies, and their overall online presence. This information guides smart decisions and helps make your SEO efforts better.

Mobile SEO:

Nowadays, many people use their phones a lot. That's why it's really important to make sure your website works well on mobiles. Mobile SEO is all about making sure your website looks good and works smoothly on different types of phones. This involves having a design that fits different screen sizes, making sure your site loads fast, and making it easy for people to navigate on their phones. Google really likes websites that work well on phones, and it helps your website show up higher in search results. So, making your website mobile-friendly is a big deal for your overall SEO strategy.

Follow Crawling and Indexing Best Practices:

For SEO success, it's crucial that search engines can easily navigate and organize your website. Follow these steps: create and send a sitemap, use a robots.txt file to guide the search engine, fix any crawling errors ASAP, and ensure your URLs are well-organized. By giving clear information, you will boost your site's ranking in search results and make sure search engines accurately sort your content.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of SEO and trending techniques that can enhance a website's SERP ranking. By practicing the above-mentioned strategies, you can improve and secure a higher position in search engines. 

Additionally, for your Shopify brand, take advantage of the Shopify SEO agency. MakkPress Technologies is one of the best eCommerce CRO agency and marketing. MakkPress has over 10 years of experience in boosting the site's ranking through top SEO techniques and providing exceptional customer experience. 

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