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Email Marketing Vs WhatsApp Marketing: Which Is Best In 2024?

Email Marketing Vs WhatsApp Marketing

We use chatting apps every day to talk to friends and for work. Businesses use them to talk to customers and share deals. This helps both businesses and customers to have a platform where they can chit chat about products and services. WhatsApp is super popular, with lots of users and high message open rates. Email and WhatsApp for business are big debates; let's see which one's better for you. Let’s Start with email marketing.

Email Marketing: A Complete Guide

Email marketing is the process of using email as a primary channel to promote brand products and services. It involves crafting engaging content, creating attractive headings and sending it to their respective email address. Email marketing helps businesses in designing targeted and personalized messages for their customers. For an effective email marketing campaign, businesses hire an email marketing service provider to build an email list, generate content, build consumers and more.

Multiple Types Of Email Marketing

These are the few types of email marketing that you must know.

1. Welcome Emails:

When saying hi to new friends, welcome emails are like friendly waves. People aren't always ready to buy right away. So, sending friendly emails helps build a connection. Just be nice and share about your company, no need to push products too soon.

2. Email Newsletters:

Newsletters are like sharing stories with your friends. They tell people what's happening in your business and share cool things. But don't share too much at once, or friends might get confused.

3. Dedicated Emails:

Dedicated emails are like focused messages. They talk about one thing and make it clear. It's quick and easy to send them, but keeping a regular schedule can be a challenge.

4. Lead Nurturing Emails:

Lead nurturing is like being a helpful friend. You send a series of emails that help friends understand things. But, it might not create a big excitement all at once.

5. Sponsorship Emails:

Sponsorship emails are like making new friends by paying someone to introduce you. It's a targeted way to meet specific friends, but it needs a lot of effort and control.

6. Transactional Emails:

Transactional emails are like helpful notes after doing something online. They are good because people expect them. But sometimes, they ask for more things, making it a bit tricky.

7. Re-Engagement Emails:

Re-engagement emails are like saying, "Hey, we miss you!" to friends who haven't been around. It's a chance to talk again, but don't bother friends too much.

8. Brand Story Emails:

Brand story emails are like sharing your company's cool story. They make friends feel a connection. But don't share too much if the story isn't ready.

9. Video Emails:

Video emails are like sending fun videos to friends. They are super interesting, but making videos can be hard.

10. Review Request Emails:

Review request emails are like asking friends to say nice things about you online. It helps people trust you more. But, sometimes, you need to pay for good reviews.

Thus, these are the multiple types of email markings. An email marketing service provider can help you to find the best type of email advertisement for your business. Additionally, you can track the user response and results.

How To Create An Effective Email Marketing Strategy?

To effectively use email marketing, follow these steps:

Define Your Audience:

Understand your customers' demographics, such as age, location, gender, occupation, and interests. Target those likely to be interested in your product. For instance, if you provide email marketing services, focus on individuals who are looking for an effective advertisement solution for their brand.

Set Goals:

Determine the purpose of each email. Goals should be measurable and aligned with business needs. For example, welcome new members or educate them after a successful social media campaign.

Choose an Email Marketing Platform:

Select a platform that aligns with your campaign goals and provides the necessary features. Ensure it's powerful enough for your scale, offers support, and read reviews to find a suitable platform.

Determine Campaign Type:

Identify a specific call to action (CTA) for customers and plan a set of targeted emails over time. Consider goals and audience when deciding on the type of campaign, such as newsletters, promotions, and re-engagement.

Build an Email List:

Avoid buying lists, build organically using existing lists, CRM software, social media requests, targeted content, and promotions. Make it easy for interested customers to opt in through website pop-ups or social media chatbots.

Segment Your List:

Divide customers into groups based on geography, demographics, past purchases, buyer behaviour, expressed interests, or email engagement. Customizing emails for different segments makes your campaign more efficient.

Create Your Email:

Tailor your email content to capture the audience's attention and include a clear CTA. Use engaging subject lines, and some email marketing platforms offer templates for easier creation.

Test Your Email:

Conduct A/B testing by creating different versions of emails to determine what works best. Test various factors such as subject lines or links to optimize your campaign for better results.

Measure Your Results:

Use analytics from your email marketing platform to track metrics like unique open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribe rate. Analyze results to see how well your campaign aligned with your goals and adjust accordingly.

Now, move toward WhatsApp marketing. 

WhatsApp Marketing: A Complete Solution

WhatsApp marketing is a strategy where brands promote themselves on the WhatsApp messenger platform. It's a powerful way to connect with a broad audience, build lasting relationships with customers, and drive sales. Utilizing WhatsApp's popularity, brands can enhance communication, engage with both potential and existing customers, and create a more personalized and direct interaction.

How To Get Started With WhatsApp Marketing?

Follow these strategies to absorb the efficiency of WhatsApp advertisements. 

Set up WhatsApp Business Account:

Create a Meta Business Account, then a WhatsApp Business Platform account on Facebook Business Manager. Click "Create an Account," choose your business page, provide info, and set up. Manage it on Facebook Business Manager, create Message Templates, and check analytics.

Integrate WhatsApp with Other Platforms:

Connect WhatsApp with CRM, CSM, POS, or chatbot platforms for better customer experience. It will improve your consumer experience and build a more personalized connection. 

Identify Marketing Campaign Goals and Audience:

Define goals for WhatsApp campaigns, like lead generation and nurturing prospects. Consider your audience and campaign goals for effective messaging.

Establish Entry Points:

Set entry points like social media posts, ads, popups, QR codes, or website pages for your WhatsApp campaign. Tailor them to engage existing and new customers. Entry points guide users to start a conversation.

Design Your Campaign Message:

Plan your conversation flow for WhatsApp campaigns. Start with a greeting message and engage with creative content like videos and images. Use digital platforms for a simple design process without coding. Also, WhatsApp marketing services can help you design your WhatsApp marketing campaign with the latest designs and trends. It will increase the personalization of your message. 

Check Your Campaign's Performance:

Track metrics tied to goals, such as people reached, qualified leads, conversions, and ROI. Leverage the Conversions API to connect marketing data to Meta's platforms for better performance insights.

Test, Iterate, Repeat:

Experiment with WhatsApp messages and A/B test variations and compare results across channels. Hypothesize changes based on performance reports. Test different elements to optimize your WhatsApp marketing strategy over time.

Thus, this is how you can create a WhatsApp marketing strategy for your eCommerce brand. 


In this blog, we've covered the basics of eCommerce marketing. We also recognize how important it is to use email and WhatsApp promotions to benefit businesses in various ways. By following the above mentioned strategies, you can increase your brand presence and grow your consumer list.

If you're still unsure about which strategy to choose, consider hiring an eCommerce marketing agency like MakkPress Technologies. MakkPress Technologies can enhance your brand's online presence using multiple advertising methods. The advantage here is that MakkPress Technologies is a well-known eCommerce marketing company based in Delhi, India. With professional assistance, you can easily decide what works best for your brand and meets its needs.

So, improve your brand's efficiency with ecommerce marketing experts and boost business growth and revenue.

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