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How To Improve CRO In 14 Simple Ways?


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is about making more people who visit your website take the actions you want, like buying something or filling out a form. For example, a regular online shop might have 5 out of 50 visitors make a purchase, while a new startup might only have 2 out of 50, and a big store like Big Basket could have 7 out of 50. 

CRO is super important for making more money, and it means tweaking things on your website to make it work better for visitors, like on phones or computers. It's like a continuous test to see what works best. Also, you need to watch how people go through your website, from looking at things to buying them, and make each step better. Also, conversion rate optimization services India can help you to improve your site conversion rate through top tips. 

Thus, this blog will explore the different strategies you can utilize to enhance your brand CRO. 

Techniques To Fix CRO Issues

Improve Site Loading Speed:

Make your website load faster by doing these important things. A study says 40% of people leave websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Even a small delay of 100 milliseconds can cause a loss of 1% of sales. Use tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, or Google PageSpeed Insights to improve your website. Pick a simple theme, remove unnecessary plugins, and optimize your hosting. Compress images, videos, JavaScript, and CSS on your site. Use a cache plugin and set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for a much faster website.

Shorten the Checkout Process:

Make it easy for people to buy things on your website so more of them actually complete their purchases. Don't make them do too many things like creating an account, signing up for newsletters, or dealing with complicated payment methods. Make it simple, like how big online stores like Flipkart do it. Highlight only the necessary information, make it easy to find things, and keep the process quick. Make sure people enjoy using your website so they come back again. Focus on making things easy, simple, and satisfying for customers to keep doing well.

Clear CTA:

Put your important buttons at the top of your website and make them stand out with different colors and shapes. Use clear words that show the benefit instead of generic phrases. Try out several buttons to find the most reliable ones. This helps people interact more with your website and makes it work better. 

Incorporate Buyer Review Section:

Put customer reviews on your product pages to make your things look more trustworthy and help people decide if they want to buy them. Whether the reviews are good or bad, they give you useful ideas on how to make your things better. Use the criticism to improve your products or services so future customers are happy, and more people buy from you. Flipkart is a big example of how adding reviews can make a business successful. It's a smart move for online stores and a helpful tool for people who shop in regular stores, too.

Leverage the Scarcity Effect:

Have you ever really wanted something that you couldn't easily get? That feeling gets stronger when there's not much of it available. When there's only a little bit left, it makes people want it more. This is called the scarcity effect. In online shopping, they use tricks like saying there are only a few items left or offering discounts for a short time. This makes people feel like they have to buy it quickly before it runs out. It's a way to get more people to click the 'Buy Now' button and buy things online.

Improve the Product Page:

Make your product page better so that it tells, attracts, and comforts people, helping to sell more. Put the important details first, use good pictures, show why the product is great, let customers know about it, and make sure it shows up on search engines. Also, put popular products on the main page to get more attention and sell more. The aim is to make the product pages interesting and convincing so people want to buy things from your store.

Provide Multiple Payment Options:

Making it easy for people to pay for things online is important. People like to pay in different ways, like with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and more. If you only allow one way to pay, you might miss out on customers. It's good to offer choices like Credit/Debit Cards, which most people prefer for safety and speed. Prepaid Cards are also good because they have a fixed amount, making them secure. Mobile Payment, like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, is convenient, you just tap and pay. Virtual Currency is a new trend, offering safety, agreement, and speed. So, it's smart to offer different ways to pay to make it easy for everyone to buy things smoothly.

Recheck What You Provide:

Think about your deals carefully to get the best results. Make sure they connect with your audience, are creative, and make sense of the situation. Offers that are too common, like free trials, might not work well. Try to find more valuable options. Test different things using A/B testing, like headlines, colors, words, layout, and buttons. Try out new ideas to see what your audience likes the most and what makes them take action.

Convey Your Unique Advantages:

Make sure your website's main page clearly explains why your product or service is valuable. Understand who is visiting your site and write in a way that speaks to their goals, motivations, and problems. Instead of just listing features, focus on the benefits of your product to show customers how it can make a positive difference for them. Use pictures and videos on your page to show off what you are offering and build trust. This helps more people who visit your site decide to become customers because they can see how your product works.

Create Text-Based CTA:

Make your blog posts more engaging by using text-based prompts. The usual banner prompts don't work well because people often ignore them and have short attention spans. Text prompts, formatted like headings (H3 or H4), did better than banners placed at the end of blog posts. So, try using text prompts for better results in getting people to take action on your blog.

Convert leads into Marketing Qualified Leads:

Improve turning potential customers into actual customers by focusing on those who are really interested and like talking to salespeople. Make your website easy to use with clear words and buttons that tell visitors what to do. Showing how the product works is better for getting sales than giving free trials. Adjust how you sell depending on what you're selling and test different ways to find the best way to help sales happen smoothly. Make the process of turning interested people into customers as simple as possible.

Add Advanced Features:

Improve your website's ability to make visitors take action by adding a live chat feature. Make important pages, like pricing and product pages, even better by using messages and chatbots that prompt users to do something. This helps give quick information and support to make users more interested and likely to take the desired actions on your website.

Improve Mobile Browsing:

Smartphones have been crucial for shopping, overtaking computers since 2016. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. Studies show people decide on phones and often buy later on computers. Multi-device users spend twice as much. Mobile commerce, especially popular with millennials, rose by 44.7% in 2019. Early adopters of mobile-first strategies have higher sales. It's vital for online shops to optimize for mobile, ensuring a smooth and secure shopping experience and integrating it into the overall marketing strategy.

Utilize the Expertise of a CRO Specialist:

Use a CRO planner to make it easier for more people to do what you want on your website. CRO professionals help you check your site, make the path to buying easier, understand how people use your site, and test different versions. Make forms shorter so people don't get frustrated and trust your site more. Make things simple, save time, and make more people do what you want on your site. For this, you can hire conversion rate experts from MakkPress Technologies, a well-known eCommerce advertising and CRO company specializing in boosting a website's conversion rates via trending and tailoring techniques. 


Thus, improving your brand conversion rate is always a priority and desire. Whether you are doing excellent in your niche or not, you always want to increase sales and desire conversions. Thus, practice the above-discussed methods to optimize your site conversion rate and expand your business. Also, take MakkPress Technologies' assistance for more precise and better results. 

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