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How To Improve My Shopify Store Ranking? 12 Ways To Try!

Shopify Store Ranking

Are you looking for the best technique to improve your brand's SEO? Shopify is the leading eCommerce platform that leverages startups in building their eCommerce stores. For better visibility on search engines, it's crucial to have better command over your SEO efforts. That's where Shopify SEO services in India come into the play. 

As Shopify is best for eCommerce stores due to its advanced features and huge theme collections, SEO can effectively showcase your brand to users. Here, we will explore the top ways to improve your site's search engine visibility. 

Techniques To Enhance Shopify Store SEO

Do keyword research

Knowing the right words to target is super important for SEO. You need to figure out the exact phrases people type into Google when searching for products like the ones you sell. There are special keyword research tools that can help you discover these popular search terms. Dig deep to find all the relevant keywords related to your product categories, brand names, product names, and more. Make a big list of all the best keywords you