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How WhatsApp Marketing Can Be An Effective Choice For You?

How WhatsApp Marketing Can Be Effective Choice For You?

Using WhatsApp to promote a brand is known as messenger marketing or WhatsApp marketing. Through this medium, marketers may reach a large audience, cultivate enduring client connections, and boost revenues.

It is like promoting your brand via WhatsApp. This platform emphasizes brands in building strong bonds with their consumers, sending regular updates, and enabling conversion.

In this digital world, where multiple businesses are looking forward to getting hands-on with a specific marketing tactic that can boost their sales, WhatsApp marketing can be an effective choice for you.

Multiple ecommerce marketing experts help brands boost their sales, reach, and relationship with consumers. Also, you can build a sense of personalization and connection via WhatsApp marketing.

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the benefits of WhatsApp marketing and how it can be the best choice and option for your business. Additionally, we will move toward the best WhatsApp marketing strategies.

How WhatsApp Business Works

WhatsApp, with 2 billion monthly users, is a vital marketing tool. Businesses need to connect with audiences in developing countries like India. Yet, it's also effective in the US, with 68 million monthly users. Over half check daily, ensuring a 98% open rate for messages.

Customers trust brands on chat apps, with 53% more likely to buy. Explore the additional benefits of incorporating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy. Now, we will move towards its advantages for business.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing That Nobody Knowns

Here are the reasons why you should consider advertisement on WhatsApp as your prime marketing tool and tip.

Builds Strong Connect With Consumers:

Using messaging apps builds strong brand connections; 55% feel more engaged. WhatsApp marketing is key for lasting relationships, reducing costs, and boosting connections.

WhatsApp's features allow personalized outreach like welcome messages and special offers, boosting customer engagement; 70% prefer personalized marketing.

Provide A Competitive Edge:

Customers avoid disjointed experiences. As per research, brands that respond on social media are memorable. The data shows that 51% of consumers find brands striking when they respond. With WhatsApp Business, your brand gains a competitive edge.

Quick responses matter; 77% expect replies within 24 hours. WhatsApp's high open rates (around 90%) make it an effective marketing tool. It fosters meaningful interactions, empowering teams to influence purchasing behaviors in real-time. Engage customers where they're most responsive.

Automated Messages:

Set up automated messages like chatbots. As a business owner, you may need to rest or be in meetings, making immediate responses challenging. Automated messages help bridge this gap, ensuring your global customers receive prompt replies.

Craft welcome messages to introduce customers. Additionally, it helps gain insights into crucial metrics—track the success, delivery, and read rates of your messages.

Boost Sales:

Harness the power of WhatsApp marketing to boost sales. Just by adding a WhatsApp number to your website, you could see a 27% increase in sales leads. The convenience of reaching out through messaging apps builds customer confidence, with 66% feeling more positive about buying from a company that's active on messengers. Consider WhatsApp as a dedicated sales channel, especially as 60% of consumers anticipate using messengers more for future purchases.

Emerging Marketing Tatic:

The rise of one-on-one messaging and social commerce is boosting conversational commerce. This encompasses various interactions with businesses, from inquiries to appointments, deliveries, and issue resolution. It's happening on social and messaging platforms where people spend most of their online time.

Technologies like machine learning and chatbots are reshaping customer experience. A whopping 77% of consumers prefer brands offering messaging for inquiries or browsing, making integrating WhatsApp into your strategy a future-proof move.

Thus, these are the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing as your primary advertising technique. WhatsApp marketing is correlated to social media advertisement.

Both platforms are used for brand exposure, customer relationship building and sales. Thus, you can also opt for a social media marketing service to get professional assistance. Now, we will move toward the strategies.

Top WhatsApp Business Marketing Techniques

Here, we will discuss the top WhatsApp advertisement strategies for your commerce business.

Define Your Business KPIs:

To start your WhatsApp marketing, define goals. Focus on meaningful tasks and avoid unnecessary ones, as they can affect your business performance. Review your marketing funnel and find weak points.

Set business objectives for WhatsApp. Identify KPIs for goal tracking. For instance, improve customer retention by sending WhatsApp promos and tracking clicks, engagement, and retention rates.

Send Promotional Messages:

WhatsApp messages boast a 98% open rate. Promote your business effectively by sending large WhatsApp Marketing messages. Since October 2021, businesses have been able to send unlimited promotional messages. Boost sales with discount offers, festival promotions, product launches, and more. Triple your business sales and conversions.

Using broadcast lists, develop a customer network:

WhatsApp prohibits cold call messages. Businesses can only message customers if the customer starts the conversation or the business is on the customer's contact list. Offer value, like exclusive coupons, for their WhatsApp number.

To surpass WhatsApp Business limits, use a WhatsApp API to send messages to unlimited contacts without the risk of being blocked.

Share Business Stories On WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Business Status lets you share pics or videos for 24 hours. Share promos with customers, use instant pics and location. Inform your group about deals.

Boost traffic with flash sales via WhatsApp Broadcast in just two hours or one day. WhatsApp business status helps customers to know about new arrivals, discounts, and other product details.

Establish a brand character:

To succeed in WhatsApp marketing, make your brand personal. Define traits like Samsung's creativity, Limca's joy, or Lamborgini's passion. Find your brand's personality; it's vital. Use a person's name, not just the company's, for a more effective and human touch in communication.

Boost Your Comincation On WhatsApp:

Maximize WhatsApp's high open rates by delivering relevant, well-crafted content. Focus on key topics, mix entertainment and education, and keep messages brief.

Enhance communication with multimedia and friendly emojis. Avoid excessive messaging; aim for 5-10 quality messages weekly to prevent annoyance.

Introduce A Clear CTA:

WhatsApp Business API lets you enhance messages with clickable buttons for actions like making a purchase now or filling out a form. Another feature, Quick Replies, allows easy customer responses with options like "Satisfied."

This makes the process simple and quick. With this, you can easily know what consumers really want from your brand and whether they are interested or not in your products.

Provide Exceptional Consumer Support & Service:

Many customers prefer messaging apps for brand support. WhatsApp marketing is key. It allows instant queries and real-time support. You can use a chatbot to provide 24/7 support, cutting costs by 30%.

Create a WhatsApp strategy: set goals, know your audience, deliver great content, and maintain good relationships.

Thus, these are the techniques to promote your brand on WhatsApp.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of WhatsApp marketing and why it is crucial for your e-commerce business. You can make a big difference by knowing its advantages and how it differs from other advertising methods. Additionally, by following the mentioned strategies, you can boost your business sales.

Also, you can hire WhatsApp marketing services in India, such as MakkPress Technologies, which is a digital marketing agency located in India. MakkPress Technologies provides exceptional services in terms of e-commerce advertisement. Consequently, MakkPress is profound for WhatsApp marketing.

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