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Shopify Migration: What Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

Migrating to Shopify: What Mistakes Should Be Avoided

Are you looking forward to switching your e-commerce business to a new platform or want to shift to a new hosting platform? It can be done for any reason, such as website improvement, integration, budget, speed, features, and many more. All the reasons are valid.

To provide your customer with exceptional services, you must have to take the action that is required. It can be anything like improving the current platform or moving to the best hosting platform, such as Shopify. While migrating to Shopify, you must have to consider some important things to avoid the description that is caused by shifting.

Website migration is basically the process of migrating website data or whole things from the current platform to a new environment or platform. It consists of tasks of shifting files, database, SEO, design, customer details, and more.

So, migration consists of multiple activities that require huge consideration. That's why many people hire a Shopify migration services provider to avoid any issues during migration.

Therefore, in this blog, we will explore why you choose Shopify as your new platform and what common mistakes you must avoid. Firstly, let's begin with the types of migration.

Different Types of Website Migration

There are multiple types of migration, but here we will mention some basic and most common types.

Domain Migration:

Shifting to a new domain for any reason is known as domain migration. In this, you may move from .com to .in due to URL changes. Additionally, the domain can be changed due to technical glitches, including a subdomain, protocol, domain name, website structure, and other changes you want in the URL.

Re-platforming Migration:

Moving from one e-commerce platform to another is primarily known as Re-platforming migration. For example, moving from BigCommerce to Shopify is this type of migration.

It can be due to multiple reasons, such as wanting additional features, a wide customer base, customization, cost, or wanting a more powerful platform. Sometimes, changing the platform requires changes in the URL due to technical requirements.

Hybrid Migration:

Hybrid migration is the mixup of two other migration types: domain migration and re-platforming. In this, you will migrate your website stuff but in a different way. In one way, you shift the place from one to another, and in the second, you change the design and the position of things and their arrangements.

For instance, if you have multiple websites or stores and you want to place them in a single place, it will be considered a hybrid migration. It is a process of combining them all into one single place.

Thus, after getting familiar with different types of e-commerce migration, let's move toward the reasons why Shopify migration.

Why is Shopify the top choice for ecommerce migration?

Shopify continues to be a favorite choice for e-commerce platforms because of its advanced features and capabilities. It is simple and offers multiple functions to its users. It is a good choice for businesses that offer multiple services and have a large inventory to handle.

Additionally, it is good for customization facilities. It is known for its versatility, customization, simplicity, and effectiveness. Here, we have mentioned the prime reasons behind moving to Shopify.


Compared to other e-commerce platforms, Shopify is easy to manage and start with. Creating a store on it is not a hectic task. You can easily do it. Shopify platform makes it easy and quick to start your e-commerce store. Additionally, it can be simply used by any developer for store creation.

Tempting Templates:

To make your store look better, Shopify has a library of templates from which you can select the best template for your store. You can choose a professional or simple theme to customize your store design. However, Shopify comes with basic and advanced templates and design features.


From the Shopify app store, you can simply modify your e-commerce website and add multiple apps to it. To add more customization and features to your store, you can have the proficiency to customize your store and add more sophisticated functions to it.


Your chosen ecommerce platform must be secured and safe. It should not depend on other apps to provide security to your store data. Every e-commerce brand has multiple details such as credit cards, bank account details, private consumer data, and more that they need to keep safe. With Shopify, you don't have to worry about your store security. It provides high security with SSL and other security measures.

Loading Speed:

Having a fast and customized store is a must. As we all know, a slow-loading site is the reason for poor company sales and growth. Thus, you have to make sure that the platform you choose should load instantly on all devices. Shopify is optimized with high loading speed on all devices and screen sizes.

Thus, these are the reasons behind migrating to Shopify. Now, we will move further toward the mistakes that each business should avoid while shifting to Shopify.

5 Common Site Migration Mistakes to Avoid

Moving from your current e-commerce store to Shopify involves certain things that need to be taken care of.

Overlooking Security

During the migration process, multiple things remain open, and cyber criminals find it as an opportunity to attack your store. They can get important details of your store or exploit the vulnerabilities.

So, before starting migration, you have to safeguard sensitive data such as the server, admin panel, and payment gateway. To avoid any issues, back up your store data regularly.

Failing to Make an SEO Plan

Before moving to a new platform, it is necessary to create an SEO roadmap. Otherwise, all the efforts you have made on your current platform will be wasted. Thus, consult your SEO team and create a wishlist of the things you have to take care of and consider during migration.

It involves keeping track of your store performance before and after the completion of the migration. Be sure that you do everything properly to not drop the website ranking after the migration.

Ignoring App Compatibility

You must have added some apps or plugins in your current app, such as email marketing, ERPs, CRM systems, and more. Your Shopify platform might not support these applications, so you have to ensure that before and evaluate it to see its importance on a new platform. Custom system integration can be used to completely integrate your store data.

Neglecting Data Cleanup

When you move to a new platform, there are multiple things that get complicated and messy. You have to create a list of your customer details, product information, orders, and more to keep track of it. You are required to do some manual cleanup.

Your current store's password and other important details must be transferred correctly to the new platform. Ensure that if customers need to create a new password for a new store login, they must do it.

Trying to Do It Alone

Doing the migration process from platforms like Woocommerce, Wix, and Ship4Shop to Shopify is a bit of a difficult task. The migration process requires the expertise of professionals who have experience in migrating numerous e-commerce stores and businesses.

Transferring involves having a lot of technical, coding, development, security, and trend knowledge about the platform. By having the guidance of professionals during the migration procedure, you can avoid any problems and risks.

Therefore, for Shopify website migration, you can hire a Shopify development services provider like MakkPress Technologies, the best e-commerce migration and marketing agency located in India. MakkPress has more than years of experience in migrating stores from all the e-commerce platforms to new ones; MakkPress has a team of experts who do this work with high security.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the basics of economic migration and different types of migration. After that, we mentioned the reasons why you need to choose Shopify as your new platform for your e-commerce brand. Apart from that, we discussed the common mistakes that businesses make during the migration process.

We hope you will easily migrate your eCommerce store to Shopify with your highly technically skilled team or with MakkPress technologies.

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