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A Simplified Guide For B2B SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques For B2B Companies

B2B SEO focuses on boosting search engine traffic and rankings for business websites. It's like putting your shop where people actively seek your services or products. Though B2B involves businesses buying from each other, the SEO basics: on-page, off-page, technical, and content are the same. 

However, reaching an audience and making business decisions adds unique challenges. Buyers representing a business have different needs than individual consumers. Apart from that, BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce platform for B2B businesses. It provides multiple features to start a digital business and customize your brand accordingly. 

For this, you can also take advantage of B2B SEO services such as MakkPress Technologies to boost your business search engine ranking. Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the basics of B2B SEO, how it differs from B2C SEO, and trending B2B SEO techniques. So, let's start with the difference. 

How does B2B SEO Differs from B2C SEO?

Certainly, these are the major variation in B2B and B2C business and their SEO. 

Conversion rate

In B2B SEO, the challenge is low conversion rates, especially compared to B2C. Low conversions may mean a not that great user experience, affecting SEO. To expert B2B SEO, draw the right traffic, those interested in your products. Be specific, know your audience, and highlight how your solution solves their problem. That's the winning formula to get the user's attention.

Complex buying process

B2B sales funnels are not as quick and straightforward as buying things like shoes. When businesses buy from each other (B2B), especially for big items, there are more steps and more people involved. B2B marketers really need to understand what their customers need and take every opportunity to attract the right audience at each step.

Keyword volume

B2B companies focus on niche audiences, resulting in lower search volumes for targeted keywords. For instance, when comparing "best clothing brand" with "best swimming suit," the search volume difference is significant. This emphasizes the importance for B2B SEOs to excel in precise keyword research, selecting terms that effectively guide a specific audience through the conversion funnel.

Now, we will move further into the top B2B SEO techniques. 

Top B2B SEO Strategies

Develop Your Buyer Persona(s)

To start a B2B SEO plan, first, make detailed buyer personas. These are like pictures of your usual customers. Knowing important things about your target audience is crucial. This covers factors such as income, gender, and age. Also, understand what they're looking for, how they behave, and what budget they have. The better you know your customers, the better you can plan how to reach them with your marketing.

Conduct an audit for technical SEO

Before making any changes to your website, it's important to do a technical SEO audit. This means checking your site for issues that need fixing and figuring out areas that need more attention. Here are the key steps:

Check for 404s: Fix broken links to keep your SEO rankings high and prevent more people from leaving your site.

Audit Sitemap: Look at and improve the XML sitemap so search engines better understand your site's layout, helping them index it better.

Double-check Analytics Tracking: Make sure tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console are giving you accurate, real-time information about how your pages are doing in search engine rankings.

Check for HTTPS: Install an SSL certificate to secure your site. Google prefers secure sites with HTTPS, which can positively affect your search results and rankings.

Core Web Vitals Report: Understand and improve important metrics like Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and Interaction to Next Paint (INP) to make your web pages work better and provide a better experience for users.

Internal Linking

Internal linking, a crucial SEO technique, involves strategically placing links within your content to increase organic search engine rankings. Search algorithms use these links to determine the importance of a page. By incorporating internal links throughout your pages, you signal that the content is valuable, enhancing visibility and SEO.

Audit of Backlinks

Backlinks, links from other websites to yours, are pivotal for SEO and search engine rankings. However, the quality of backlinks is essential. During the SEO audit, review incoming backlinks to your site. Quality always wins over quantity. Thus, any association with your name or website can affect brand value. Identifying and disavowing spammy links is vital for maintaining a positive online reputation.

Verify the content metadata.

Metadata, including page titles and description tags, communicates essential information to search engines, playing a crucial role in effective SEO for retailers. By optimizing these elements, you provide search engines with valuable insights into your content, aiding in effective search engine optimization.

Examine the site's speed.

Search engines favor sites that load quickly, making page speed a significant ranking signal. You must utilize multiple techniques to speed up your site, including using fast hosting, minimizing HTTP requests, optimizing image files, and compressing web pages. Ensuring a quick website speed increase, user experience, and positively influencing SEO rankings.

Verify URL Canonicals

Duplicate URLs and content can confuse search engine algorithms, and it leads to penalties. You should eliminate this risk by preventing your content management system (CMS) from publishing multiple versions of a page. Additionally, use canonical links to guide search engines to the primary version of your content.

Examine the mobile-friendliness of your site

With Google's mobile-first approach to indexing, having a responsive website design is crucial. Responsive design ensures your website adapts seamlessly to various devices, meeting user expectations and positively influencing search rankings.

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is fundamental to understanding what your audience is searching for. It goes beyond search engines and may involve social listening to understand online discussions. Utilize tools such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, WordStream, and many others to generate data-backed ideas and refine your keyword strategy.

Know your competitor 

Analyzing competitors provides valuable insights into market dynamics and helps shape your strategies. Employ different tips to identify target keywords, analyze backlinks, and monitor online coverage. Utilize social media and set Google alerts for competitor mentions to stay updated on industry trends.

Create Topic Pillars and Clusters

Making content in a structured way is really important for good SEO. Think of pillar pages as big hubs of content and cluster pages as smaller parts that are related to specific words in the hub. Linking these pages together helps search engines find and understand topics better, making your overall ranking higher.

Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are critical for the first impression of your business. Elements such as a clear call to action, attention-grabbing headlines, concise messaging, and visually appealing content contribute to a strong landing page. Utilize insights from keyword research and SEO tools to optimize landing pages for better search engine results.

Off-Site B2B SEO Strategies

Effective SEO strategies extend beyond on-site optimization. Off-site strategies play a significant role in boosting rankings and enhancing search results. Key techniques include:

Backlinks: Focus on quality over quantity, as high-quality backlinks enhance brand authority.

Guest Posting: Invite industry experts to write blogs, benefiting both parties by expanding brand awareness and credibility.

PR (Public Relations): Elevate overall brand reputation by engaging in activities that raise awareness among a broader audience, reducing marketing costs and increasing customer awareness.

Recognize the Intricacies of Your Sales Channel

Tailoring content for each stage of the sales funnel is crucial. When businesses sell to other businesses (B2B), the way they share information needs to be smart, professional, and based on data because big decisions are involved. Make sure your content and the words you use match each part of the sales process to get the most value.

Development is a must

As your business grows, modifying your B2B SEO content strategy is vital. Quality content creation contributes to increased brand visibility, loyalty, trust, organic traffic, and customer relationships and positions your brand as a thought leader. Thus, expand your content strategy to meet the emerging needs of your expanding audience.


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained all the trending ecommerce B2B SEO techniques. Additionally, we compared the basic differences between B2B SEO and B2C SEO; by practicing the mentioned tips, you can boost the performance of your store. 

Also, you can hire BigCommerce SEO experts from MakkPress Technologies. MakkPress is an eCommerce marketing agency that has over 10 years of experience and expertise in B2B SEO. With MakkPress Technologies, you can easily find the relevant keywords for your brand and perform different search engine optimization strategies.

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