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Things to Consider When Setting Up a BigCommerce Store

Things to Consider When Setting Up a BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce is an established ecommerce platform that enables businesses to develop and manage online stores easily. Businesses must establish a strong online presence in order to access a larger consumer base and generate sales. BigCommerce offers a complete solution for businesses of all sizes, with solid features, flexibility, and scalability.

BigCommerce's customer base continues to expand steadily, with approximately 50,000 active stores. Although it has fewer live businesses than Shopify, which has 3.83 million, BigCommerce has a good record of having thousands of new users every year.

Thus, it's crucial to know what are the best features of BigCommerce that make it stand out from others. Consequently, in this blog, we will inform you of all the things you should take seriously while designing your business on BigCommerce for online reach. Additionally, we will help you to understand the importance of BigCommerce experts. Firstly, let's start with the BigCommerce functions.

Best BigCommerce Store Functionality You Must Apply

When putting up a BigCommerce store, certain must-have features improve the customer experience and assist in boosting sales.

Design for Mobile Devices

Make sure your BigCommerce store is mobile-friendly and has a responsive design that adjusts to different screen widths. Customers utilizing various devices will have a more seamless shopping experience as a result of this.

Easy-to-Use Navigation

Implement a simple and straightforward navigation structure that allows users to identify items and move via different categories simply. To improve usability, use dropdown menus, search functionality, and breadcrumbs.

Filtering and Searching for Products

Include an easy-to-use search bar so that customers can quickly locate products that interest them. Offer advanced filtering options such as by price range, color range, size range, etc., so that users can easily filter their search results and find what they're looking for.

Videos and pictures of excellent quality

Use high-resolution photographs and, if feasible, videos to demonstrate your items from various perspectives and offer a realistic portrayal. Customers can make more educated purchase selections as a result of this.

Product Evaluations and Ratings

Allow consumer reviews and product ratings to increase trust and trustworthiness. Shoppers frequently rely on reviews to determine the quality and value of items, which may lead to increased conversions.

Payment Options That Are Secure

To establish trust in clients, provide a number of safe payment methods. Include well-known payment gateways like PayPal, Paytm, and Stripe, as well as alternative payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Several Shipping Options

Provide a variety of shipping methods (for example, regular, express, and international) as well as the associated costs and delivery times. Additionally, provide order monitoring to keep consumers satisfied.

Restoration of Abandoned Carts

Employ tools that automatically send email reminders to clients who abandon their shopping carts. This can aid in the recovery of lost sales by encouraging customers to complete their transactions. You can use remarketing methods to get out to these clients and enhance conversions.

Make a wishlist and save it for later

Allow consumers to save things for later or build a wishlist. Customers may use this feature to return to things they are interested in without having to search for them again.

Social Media Inclusion

Include social media sharing buttons and links to your store's social media pages. Customers may share things they enjoy in this way, enhancing brand visibility and attracting more visitors to your business.

Monitoring and Statistics

Track and monitor website traffic and sales, as well as customer behavior, with the help of in-built analytics tools or third-party integrations. With insights from these patterns, you can make informed decisions to improve your store's performance and drive organic traffic.

SEO Optimization

Make Your BigCommerce Store SEO-Friendly. Ensure your store is SEO-ready with custom meta tags, optimized URLs, sitemaps, and more. This will help increase your store's visibility in search results. Additionally, conduct keyword research, content development, on-page optimization, and more for effective results. You can also hire a Bigcommerce SEO service provider to minimize any issues and for efficient management of the task.

Thus, these are the things you need to consider and implement in your BigCommerce store. All the features and practices will boost your business reach and sales. However manually managing these things can be overwhelming, thus, in the next section we will explain to you all the issues individuals face while manually optimizing their store.

Problems with Manual BigCommerce Store Setup

Limited Customizability

Manually configuring a BigCommerce store limits the amount of customization possible, reducing the potential to create a unique and personalized online purchasing experience.

Integration of Features

Manually adding sophisticated features and functionality to a BigCommerce store without expert support can be difficult. This might make it difficult to improve user experience and suit unique business objectives.

Constraints on Resources

Manually setting up a BigCommerce store takes a lot of work and resources. Managing the store's efficiency, upgrades, and continuous maintenance may become problematic without adequate planning and allocation.

Competencies and knowledge gap

Manually setting up a BigCommerce store involves a certain amount of technical knowledge and awareness. A lack of experience may result in a high learning curve, probable blunders, and troubleshooting challenges.

Therefore, these are the issues you might face with the self-optimisation of the BigCommerce website. Now, it's time to know the value of experts.

Why Hire a BigCommerce Developer for Your Online Store?

Developers with Priority

Experienced BigCommerce developers with considerable platform knowledge can handle the difficult process of creating your online shop.

BigCommerce Themes Made to Order

Skilled designers may create Custom BigCommerce themes to merge with your company's aims and target audience.

All-Inclusive Services

A firm that provides custom BigCommerce development services provides a wide range of services, including custom development, app integrations, and digital marketing tactics.

APIs that are really powerful

Using BigCommerce APIs, developers may establish seamless interfaces with third-party apps and sales channels to improve the functionality of your business.

Customized Services

A development firm can give the finest answer to your company's demands, guaranteeing that the end result satisfies the expectations of your clients.

Process Improvement

An experienced development business guarantees that the development process is simplified and structured, saving you important time and effort.

Business Development

You may use the knowledge of BigCommerce specialists to use tried-and-true tactics to increase sales and develop your online business to new heights.

Feedback and Research

Ecommerce website development firms remain current on the newest trends, best practices, and software changes, including significant research and customer input into their work.

Dedicated Assistance

A dependable development business provides continuing assistance, ensuring that any difficulties or complaints are handled and fixed as soon as possible.

Choosing a BigCommerce development services firm is an excellent approach to turning your ideas into a profitable online business. They can deliver one of the top services due to their knowledge, devotion, and client-focused approach.

You might be confused about the top BigCommerce store development and maintenance agency. We are here to help you. MakkPress Technologies is the best that provides Bigcommerce Development service in India. MakkPress, established in 2012, works magnificently in B2B and D2C business. They have an expert team that can provide all the ecommerce services.


In summary, the blog aims to inform you of all the factors that impact your business sales and revenue. We have discussed the significance of BigCommerce experts for business development; additionally, we introduce the market-known ecommerce service provider.

Here, we hope you have got everything you want; now it's time to supercharge your company proficiency with the help of BigCommerce experts and best practices.

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