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Discover the Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms for Selling Products Online

Updated: Jun 19

Top Ecommerce Platforms

The world is well aware of ecommerce as we all shop or check different products online. Many of us have likely created a lengthy wish list of items we may never actually purchase. The widespread presence of online stores proves that ecommerce is a concept that requires no introduction. Interestingly, some of the largest ecommerce companies today started from very humble beginnings. Amazon, for instance, began operations in a garage. Stories like this are inspiring because they show us that substantial growth and transformation are possible.

A product listing decides the product's ranking on the ecommerce platform. It would help if you opted for an Ecommerce Listing Service in India to do the product listing on your ecommerce platform. In this post, we'll discuss what we believe to be the top ecommerce brands in India, how they rose to their current prominence, and what motivates them to continue pushing forward. Additionally, we'll explore strategies that online brands can use to increase traffic to their stores and enhance customer engagement.

Top Ecommerce Platforms in India

1. Amazon -


In June 2013, Amazon India, a subsidiary of the multinational retail giant, opened its doors to the Indian market. Since then, the brand has become synonymous with super fast same-day and next-day delivery, catering to the needs of frequent shoppers. It has also become a popular platform for high-demand brands like Xiaomi and Apple to launch their latest gadgets, including TVs and smartphones.

One of the reasons for Amazon India's popularity is the reasonable prices and free shipping it offers. Customers can also find user reviews on the product pages, further instilling trust. Additionally, the company has expanded into the entertainment and payment industries by introducing Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Amazon Pay. Throughout the years, Amazon India has gained popularity that only a select few can compete with. If you want your seller account on Amazon, you should opt for Amazon Seller Account Management Services.

2. Flipkart -


Flipkart similarly entered the ecommerce industry with Amazon by selling books. However, it has rapidly expanded its offerings to include a variety of retail segments. The ecommerce market recognizes Flipkart as a provider of highly affordable electronic items, such as mobile phones and home appliances.

One of the most highly anticipated discount fairs in the Indian ecommerce industry is Flipkart's 'Big Billion Days,' where prices often slash by up to 90%. Flipkart has done a great job of winning over customers by offering insane discounts. Frequent acquisitions mark the company's history. To be able to successfully manage your seller account on the platform, one should opt for Flipkart Account Management Services.

3. Meesho -


Meesho is a rapidly expanding eCommerce enterprise in India that has established a devoted customer base in the industry in a short span of time. It's a socially responsible consumer brand that aims to empower the young, internet-savvy population of India's non-metropolitan regions. The company possesses a website and a mobile application that simplifies the ordering process for customers and enables them to track their package's status.

Meesho doesn't levy any fees on its merchants for registration on the platform, and it doesn't take any share from their earnings. The primary revenue for Meesho is through in-app and website seller advertising. It's one of the most rapidly expanding social commerce businesses, and its competitors include SnapDeal and Myntra. Seller accounts on the following platform should get Meesho Account Management Services.

4. Myntra -


In 2007, Myntra was launched as a pure-play e-commerce site in India. In the following years, it has become a leading fashion, home, and lifestyle e-commerce site in the country. Its growth has been further boosted by its 2014 sale to Flipkart and the acquisition of rival

Myntra is a fashion retailer that offers a diverse range of products from both international and local brands. It caters to men, women, and children with its vast selection of apparel and also offers home goods.

5. Nykaa -


In 2012, Nykaa started its journey as an online beauty platform. With an impressive collection of products from more than 2000 globally recognized brands, it quickly emerged as a prominent player in the market. To establish a stronger presence, Nykaa adopted an omnichannel fulfillment approach by opening over 78 stores across India. Moreover, Nykaa has become the first ecommerce brand to enter the men’s grooming market.

Nykaa has also ventured into the cosmetic sector with its three in-house brands. In addition, the platform has acquired several fashion and lifestyle brands such as 20Dresses, Pipa Bella, Dot and Key, and LBB. These acquisitions have increased the count of Nykaa's in-house brands to 9, making it one of the largest cosmetic D2C platforms in the Indian market. Finally, you can avail of Nykaa Account Management Services to improve sales on your account.

Factors To Take Care of While Choosing An Ecommerce Platform -

1. Serviceability -

When choosing an eCommerce firm to shop with, it is crucial to consider its serviceability. The best eCommerce stores are those that deliver to your desired locations. We often choose only a few brands, and it can be disappointing if our favorite online store does not ship to a friend's address when we want to send them a birthday gift. Poor pin code reach can also lead to cart abandonment and decreased sales.

As an eCommerce company, expanding the areas you deliver to is essential. With the increasing trend of online shopping in rural and suburban India, many eCommerce marketplaces and stores face delivery challenges in remote regions. Improving your shipping logistics is the only way to reach customers in today's competitive eCommerce market.

2. Products, Services, and Benefits -

The range of products and services offered by each eCommerce business and platform is unique. The key to having the best online store is to set it apart from the competition by providing a comprehensive variety of high-quality products and services. This is the only way to ensure that customers return to your store. From clothing to household necessities, food to electronics, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal offer everything.

While Ajio, Myntra, and Limeroad specialize in fashion and clothing, BookMyShow is a ticketing website. The ideal eCommerce platform should offer a vast range of services and benefits in a single place, eliminating the need to switch between apps. Some of these platforms may even offer online store-building services.

3. Delivery Speed -

In today's shopping world, speedy delivery is a must-have feature. Shoppers tend to get anxious if their order arrives in 3-5 days. E-commerce companies that offer expedited shipping options can ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the number of order cancellations. Make sure to double-check the estimated delivery time before making your purchase decision.

Although Made to Order products may not have a specified delivery time, most sellers will provide a timeframe of around 10-12 days for dispatch. Since Amazon introduced same and next-day shipping, customers have come to expect nothing less. In some cases, free shipping is only available for standard delivery, but this is rapidly changing as retailers recognize that fast shipping is essential for customer satisfaction. This directly correlates to higher customer lifetime value and increased sales.

4. Tracking Visibility -

Order tracking visibility is crucial for ensuring a positive post-purchase experience for customers. To achieve this, eCommerce businesses should offer real-time tracking with automatic updates to make the process more transparent. Inform the customers of every delivery milestone that their order crosses.

By enabling tracking visibility, businesses can also decrease the number of WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls they receive and assure customers about their orders' status. Additionally, it presents an opportunity to increase post-purchase engagement by displaying product recommendations and branding on the tracking page.

5. Returns Management -

The items you purchase might need to meet your expectations. Some purchases may be intended for trial purposes or may be defective. In such cases, the best eCommerce businesses have a reliable returns management process. This includes establishing a pick-up time and ensuring the package returns to the company in a timely manner.

Since the returns process can be complicated, having an eCommerce returns management system is crucial. By implementing a returns management system, you can improve the return experience for your customers and streamline the returns workflow for greater operational efficiency.


After analyzing the top ecommerce platforms, it is clear that choosing the right platform can significantly impact the success of your business. When seeking ecommerce SEO services in India, MakkPress Technologies stands out as the top choice for businesses of all sizes. With their experience and expertise in the industry, they offer a variety of ecommerce solutions to help companies to establish a solid online presence and drive sales. Their commitment to providing excellent customer service and customized solutions makes them the best choice for any ecommerce venture.

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