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Trending Ecommerce Marketing Techniques For 2024

Trending Ecommerce Marketing Techniques For 2024

E-marketing or eCommerce marketing is the practice of reaching customers, building brand recognition, and closing deals with the use of digital technology, including social media, mobile phones, and websites. The fundamentals of marketing are still the same: developing a plan to reach the appropriate audiences with the appropriate messaging.

However, digital marketing provides numerous benefits as compared to traditional methods of advertising. Thus, we will explore multiple e-commerce marketing techniques here. 

Top E-marketing Strategies To Boost Brand Reach

Certainly, these are the best advertising methods you can utilize to enhance the performance of your digital store. 

Influencer marketing:

An influencer is someone who can affect others. In influencer marketing, brands pay people to promote their stuff on social media. Celebrities were the first influencers, but now smaller social media accounts are popular. 

These smaller accounts have very engaged followers. Additionally, influencer marketing experts help brands create an effective influencer marketing campaign and choose the right influencer for their brand. 

So, a social media influencer is someone who uses their power on platforms like Instagram. Right now, Instagram is the top platform, but YouTube is getting more popular. It's like paying someone popular to tell their friends about your product.

There are different types of influencers based on their follower count and engagement levels. Mega influencers, with over a million followers, are ideal for broad brand awareness but can be expensive. 

Macro influencers (100,000 to 1 million followers) offer a targeted approach, while micro-influencers (10,000 to 100,000 followers) have high engagement rates. Nano influencers (fewer than 10,000 followers) are cost-effective for niche targeting. 

To achieve success in influencer marketing, brands must avoid common mistakes, including setting clear goals, prioritizing engagement over follower count, researching influencers thoroughly, crafting effective briefs, allowing creative freedom, and establishing expectations upfront. 

Social media marketing:

Social media marketing is about using platforms like Instagram to showcase products and connect with customers. Take For this brand, post regularly, use a consistent filter for a professional look, and engage followers with a unique hashtag. 

The benefits of such marketing include boosting brand awareness, generating leads, fostering customer relationships, and learning from competitors. 

To create a successful strategy, set clear goals, know your audience, choose the right platforms, focus on important metrics, study competitors, create engaging content, and schedule posts using management tools. It will help you to boost your brand sales via social media marketing. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is a direct way for businesses to share updates, products, and sales with customers who willingly subscribe, making it more likely to convert than other channels. 

Modern email marketing focuses on consent, segmentation, and personalization to engage target audiences effectively. Marketing emails fall into categories like promotional, informational, retention, and transactional, each serving a specific purpose in the buyer journey. 

They play a crucial role in customer communication, from sharing news and offers to re-engaging inactive subscribers and confirming orders. Email marketing's importance lies in its personalization, cost-effectiveness, high conversion rates, and direct access to audiences' inboxes, making it an essential tool for businesses to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and strengthen customer loyalty. You can get help from email marketing service providers to build a custom email marketing strategy for your business.

Invest in SEO:

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing strategy that aims to improve a website's visibility on search engine results pages (SERP). This involves optimizing content with keywords, creating quality content, building links, and ensuring site speed and mobile-friendliness. SEO is crucial because search engines are the main way users reach websites. 

In commerce, most users use Google for research, and around half use it to discover new products. SEO falls into three categories: on-page SEO (optimizing website content), off-page SEO (building backlinks), and technical SEO (making website improvements). Core SEO tactics include keyword research, competitive analysis, active link building, and image optimization.

WhatsApp marketing:

Using WhatsApp to promote a brand is known as messenger marketing or WhatsApp marketing. Through this medium, marketers may reach a large audience, develop lasting relationships with customers, and boost revenues. It is great for talking to customers worldwide. 

Here are seven reasons why it's useful for marketing: it's everywhere, people use it a lot, you need permission to talk to customers, you can personalize messages, it has features for marketing, a business app, and a Business API for big companies. 

To use it, follow these eight steps: know the rules, get the WhatsApp Business App, make a business profile, promote and get users, set up quick replies, use automated messages, organize contacts, and make a product catalog. 

Additionally, the best tips for it are to keep it casual, update your status, use it for customer care, send short promotions, and make a WhatsApp link for easy contact. Also, hire a WhatsApp marketing services provider to get more sales through WhatsApp marketing efforts. 

Customer loyalty programs

A customer loyalty program is a way for businesses to thank customers for their repeat purchases. It offers rewards like free products, early access to events, or points. Many loyal customers join such programs. These rewards encourage customers to keep buying, and they often end up spending more. To build customer loyalty, follow these steps:

  • Use a multi-channel customer service system to connect with customers.

  • Provide exceptional service by solving problems instead of giving giveaways.

  • Focus on your customers, not just the competition.

  • Be consistent in delivering what customers expect.

  • Build credibility through meaningful interactions and correct mistakes.

  • Add value by exceeding customer expectations.

  • Share positive customer experiences through reviews and feedback.

  • Reward loyal customers with a loyalty program.

Reduce abandoned carts:

The main reasons why people leave their online shopping carts without completing a purchase are often due to a confusing website, too many steps during checkout, and the requirement to create an account. 

People may not want to share personal information, and a lengthy or unclear checkout process can be a turn-off. Unexpected fees, especially high shipping costs, also lead to abandonment. Customers seek discounts and various payment options, prioritizing security. 

Return policies, product restrictions, and slow website speeds contribute to cart abandonment. Offering guest checkout, clear cost breakdowns, and responsive customer support can help reduce abandonment rates.

Search engine marketing:

Search engine marketing (SEM) promotes businesses through paid ads on Google or Bing. Advertisers work on keywords to show their ads when users search. These ads, like pay-per-click and visual product-based ones, reach customers at the right moment. 

SEM targets motivated buyers, making it a powerful marketing tool. Unlike search engine optimization (SEO), SEM requires payment for visibility. Both are crucial for a complete online strategy, driving traffic and conversions effectively. Keyword research is vital for SEM, helping identify relevant terms. Structuring ad campaigns logically ensures optimal results.

Content marketing:

Content marketing involves creating and sharing information through various channels like social media, blogs, and websites to connect with your target audience. The aim is to boost brand awareness, sales, engagement, and loyalty. It's crucial because it educates leads, boosts conversions, builds relationships, and shows how products solve challenges. 

Various types include online, social media, infographics, blogs, podcasts, videos, and paid ads. Content marketing works by telling compelling stories and sharing valuable info, attracting and engaging audiences at different stages of the buying process. 

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is like teamwork in advertising. A company pays other people known as affiliates to bring more visitors or customers to its products. These affiliates earn money for each person they bring in. 

So, the company and the affiliates work together, and the more visitors or customers the affiliates bring, the more money they get. The affiliates try different ways to tell people about the company, and they earn a commission for their efforts.


Therefore, this blog explains the top ways to optimize your ecommerce brand for higher reach and ranking. By practicing the mentioned advertising methods, you can boost your brand awareness and recognition. 

Additionally, an Ecommerce marketing agency can help your brand to choose the best advertising technique for your store. Thus, MakkPress Technologies is the best and most well-known e-commerce marketing agency that has over 10 years of experience in enhancing a brand's digital reach through multiple marketing tactics. Apart from that, professionals help ensure that you don't face any issues and the campaign runs smoothly. 

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