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Updated CRO Checklist For 2024!

CRO Checklist

CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is a tactic used to enhance a site's overall performance to improve it for SEO, users, and search engines. It consists of strategies that brands use to reach their business objectives. It can be anything from filling out a form to completing a CTA. Ecommerce CRO experts are known for creating brand-tailored CRO strategies that improve brand conversions and bring other benefits. 

Thus, this blog will explore the best tricks for your CRO checklist in 20024. 

Your CRO Audit Checklist

Here, we will explore multiple strategies to increase your brand conversions. 

Define Your Business Goals

First, you need to identify your business goals. These can be anything from increasing sales to improving customer experience to CTA. By creating a list of things you want to achieve through your brand, CRO practice will remain in your team's mind, and everyone will be on the same page to achieve them. You can also pr