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Why Should I Migrate to Shopify Specifically?

Migrate to Shopify

Shopify is a leading eCommerce platform widely known for its services. Businesses choose to create, market, and build their stores on Shopify because of its customization. Shopify migration experts switch eCommerce sites to Shopify because businesses run on it. Shopify offers a solid base for businesses of all sizes, from startups to B2B. 

Imagine a brand that has been running on an eCommerce platform for 5 years and suddenly wants to switch to Shopify. A study shows this happens very frequently. Do you know why? You will get the answer via this blog. Here, we will explore the reasons for migrating to Shopify from the current platform or building a store on it. 

Reasons For Switching To Shopify Over Any Other

Ecommerce Platform

Here are the benefits of having your site on Shopify. 

Extensive Features

Shopify is a special online platform for running e-commerce stores. It's packed with useful features you won't find on other platforms.

Here's a peek at what Shopify offers:

  • Product Handling: You can sell all sorts of stuff on Shopify: physical goods, digital items, services, memberships, and even online courses. 

  • Inventory Control: Manage up to 1,000 inventory spots easily. You can also let customers pre-order items or buy stuff that's currently out of stock.

  • Order Management: Connect Shopify with social media and other sales channels. You can also create orders manually if someone calls in an order.

  • Point-of-Sale: Every Shopify plan includes a point-of-sale system, Shopify POS Lite, which turns your phone into a checkout.

  • Shipping Perks: Get sweet deals on shipping with UPS, USPS, and DHL Express, saving up to 77% on fees.

  • Automation: Set up custom automated processes to save time, though this feature is not available in the basic plan.

But wait, there's more! If Shopify doesn't have exactly what you need, you can add extra features through third-party apps. There are over eight thousand apps to choose from in the Shopify app store, offering everything from SEO boosts to delivery setups.

Better SEO

Getting a good spot in search results is key for people finding your online shop. With Shopify, you get tools to boost your site's visibility. You can tweak product pages, make the site easier to use, and create content that helps you climb search rankings. Even if you switch to Shopify, your SEO won't work. If you handle the move well, it could even boost your SEO by allowing you to use better keywords and URLs. Shopify SEO services agency also helps brands in securing higher search rankings. 

Easy to Set Up

Shopify is famous for being super easy to use for making online stores. You don't need to be a technical expert to start selling online with it. Just drag and drop to create your store and add products easily. Or, if you prefer, you can get help from Shopify experts to make your store look really good. Plus, it's simple to manage everything from one easy dashboard.

Helpful Community

Shopify's community is a big help. Not every business owner knows how to set up and run an online store smoothly. But with Shopify, there's a strong online community ready to assist. You can find them on forums and Slack. These communities offer advice on boosting sales, improving SEO, and making checkouts faster. Shopify stands out for its supportive community, making it a great choice for business owners needing guidance.

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