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13 Effective WordPress SEO Tips For Your Brand!

WordPress SEO Tips

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, helps websites rank higher in search engines to get more traffic. It involves optimizing code and formatting so search engines can easily find your website. With SEO, your content appears higher in search results, attracting more visitors to your website when people search for related topics.

For WordPress, it means optimizing your pages and posts to rank high on search results. Following WordPress SEO services in India helps search engines find your content easily. They do this by crawling, indexing, and ranking content. Getting a high ranking can boost your website traffic significantly, making SEO worth the effort.

Thus, in this blog, we will explore the top SEO techniques for your eCommerce stores.

Strategies To Improve Your Site Ranking

Choosing a Good Hosting Provider

When you are making a website, pick a good hosting provider. It's important for things like how fast your website loads and how safe it is. If your current provider isn't doing well, you can change. Look for one that keeps your site up a lot, works well with WordPress, gives you a free SSL certificate, and has good support. Where the server is located matters too, especially if you are aiming at customers in a certain place.

Selecting the Right WordPress Theme

When you start using WordPress, you will notice the default theme. But to make your site special, you will want a different one. Choose a theme that's fast and simple. This helps your website rank better in search engines. There are many themes to pick from in WordPress. You can check their speed using tools like PageSpeed Insights.

Ensuring Search Engine Visibility

To get noticed on Google, ensure your website is easily searchable. Check its visibility settings in Settings > Reading. Look for "Search engine visibility" and leave it unchecked unless your site is still in development. Once live, keep it unchecked to be visible and rank on Google search results.

Setting Up an SSL Certificate

To keep your website safe and boost its Google ranking, set up an SSL certificate. This encrypts data on your store, maintaining security. Log in to your hosting admin panel, find "Security" or "SSL certificate" settings, and install the certificate. Use plugins like Really Simple SSL for WordPress to simplify the process.

Deciding on Website Address Format

Choose how you want your website's address to look. 


  • Google sees "www" and non-"www" as different.

  • Stick to one to avoid duplicate content.

  • Both work fine for SEO.

  • It's your preference, what you want to pick.

Creating SEO-Friendly Permalinks

Make your website links easy for people and search engines to understand by using SEO-friendly permalinks. For instance, instead of a messy link go for something clear. Choose the "Post name" structure in WordPress settings for better URLs.

Submitting Your Sitemap to Google

To get your website noticed by Google, submit your sitemap to Google Search Console. A sitemap is like a map for search engi